Sunday, July 01, 2007

Operation WWII Marine Blessing

Today was a very special day.
About a week and a half ago we got a message from a woman named Sandy from a church in Eden Prairie. She had called with a story about a WWII Marine Raider Veteran named Edmund. Ed served in Guam, Gaudalcanal, and Iwo Jima with the First Raider Battalion. He took Psalm 91 with him into battle and was never harmed.
Sandy makes flag quilts and Ed saw one of her quilts and when he did became very emotional and asked Sandy how much she would charge to make a WWII quilt. Sandy kindly told him that she only made them for very close friends or family and left it there. That day and night the Lord put Ed on Sandy's heart and her and her husband decided to make Ed a quilt complete with Marine and Marine Raider emblems, WWII memorabilia and Psalm 91 quotes. Ed had no idea.
So ... the message was to ask Mike if he would be willing to be involved in presenting Ed with this very special gift today, July 1st. To say the least, we were honored.

So this morning the Pastor of Life Church honored all veterans and then in a very moving presentation Major Franklin, Sergant Johnson, and Corporal Kapala came in, in formation, and presented the quilt to Ed. Then in Marine Corps fashion they saluted him.
It was amazing.

I am so honored to be part of the Marines - even if only as a wife! Here's some pictures of the event.

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