Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Homefront Update Continued...

So since the last update ... George ended up going back to the Dr. and having pink eye, a double ear infection, and was wheezing bad enough to go on the nebulizer. Oy! Thankfully they are both healthy now!

Also, Mike's leave date was pushed up 4 days and we lost our family weekend with him. So he left for NC Saturday Dec. 8 and got to NC on Monday. He started school today. He did tell me today that he was graciously blessed with a ticket home for Christmas. So he will be home on the 20th and we will get to enjoy him until the 1st!!! YAY!

I must say entering into this type of life-style is not easy. We have already enjoyed some rough days and I do, honestly, sometimes fear the road ahead of us. It's going to be a bumpy ride for the next year and a half. BUT I will continue to say that we'll get through it and I don't say any of that for sympathy - simply as truth! I am desperately looking to Christ for strength and just want to make sure that I rely on him.
So if you think of us pray for us. Pray for the kids and I at the homefront and pray for Mike as he is away from everyone and everything. We love you all!
Now some new pics!!!
EmmaThe Family

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