Sunday, February 10, 2008

North Carolina - here we are!

So, some of you may know but many may not. The kids and I have left the blinding cold of Minnesota to be closer to Mike in balmy North Carolina!!
We are staying with Mike's uncle and aunt which is about 3 hours from the base but Mike comes up to their house each weekend to see us. It's a huge blessing for us to even be able to be down here in the first place! We are so thankful for how Mike's uncle and aunt have taken us in and cared for us. 
Mike is a couple months into his training now and it has been going alright. It's a  lot of stuff he already knows from going to school for mechanics and there's not a lot of hands-on, so he gets a little bored sometimes! But temporary bordem is a welcome trade for hearing that this is the happiest he's ever been at any job he's ever had. He's told me more than once that he loves his job now - that he's found his niche! 
He is over half-way done with school and we are looking forward to graduation and going back home to warmer weather than it is currently! 
We've been spoiled by having a few days in the 70s and a number in the 60s! I can't believe that I have been out walking with the kids in early February. :) 

Most exciting - today is George's FIRST BIRTHDAY!! I can't believe he was born a year ago already! It seems like just yesterday - which I know is cliche - but it really does go that fast. He was a little 7lb 3oz, 20 inch, blue-eyed, jaundice baby! Now - he's almost walking and eating table food and starting to give up his bottle. Not to mention, he has 7 teeth and is getting another one. :) We had a small celebration last night with us and the Thompson's with cupcakes and a couple small presents - both he and Emma were covered in red frosting! 

Well ... when I am able I will try to get a video or some pics of last night and our fun! Hope you are all well. 

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