Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Live Simply

I found these today through a trail of sources! My good friend KASSI became a fan of Maternal Lens on Facebook which sparked my interest because I basically cyber-stalk Kassi, because I heart her! From the fan page of The Maternal Lens I was directed to that BLOG and on that blog I found this POST about custom wooden photography blocks, sold HERE that I absolutely fell in love with right away!

I would LOVE to win a set and be able to customize them for our family but I'm thinking that even if I don't win them I may end up ordering them anyways just because they are so amazing! And I'm going to file her etsy site away (in my bookmarks, not my mind because we all know my mind is not a safe filing system!) for future gifts. Can you imagine the endless possibilities for aunts, uncles, grandparents, new parents, your business ... ?!? Amazing.


Daring to Love said...

I actually make home-aid baby blocks in the same manner. I buy the blocks pre cut. I have cut them before, but I'm not very good at even cuts, lol. I never thought about adding pictures to it. Thanks for stalking Kassi and sharing it. :-) Kassi is awesome!

Marine and Beauty Queen said...

I ordered those same blocks (per your recommendation here) for a friend for her wedding. They are beautiful! They just came in the mail yesterday.