Friday, May 07, 2010

Baby Belly | S Family | Sneak Peek

I was blessed to be able to take pictures, again, of the wonderful S family! They currently have 3 girls and are expecting their fourth. Mama S knows the gender of the new little blessing but Papa S does not and it's so fun! No beans were spilled so Mama S is still the only one who knows. :)

I love J&T as a couple and as individuals. They are amazing! Full of love, full of Christ, and wonderfully gracious.


Anonymous said...

Diana! I just want to say that I love your blog, it's adorable! Also, you're a great photographer. Where did you learn your skills?

Diana said...

Thanks Emily! I really appreciate that. I learned a lot from my dad, some from school, and most from just taking pictures - trial and error - and I'm still definitely learning!

Sara K. said...

Gorgeous pictures! You really do have an eye for photography, Diana. The girls look SO adorable in that first picture especially! It looks like it should be a print at a store, or on the front of a greeting card.

I know T from Mom's Time at church... I'll have to give her a shout and tell her how beautiful her family is.

Diana said...

Thank you Sara! And you're right - they are a beautiful family!