Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Favorite Family | G Family

My favorite family, after my own that is! This 3/4ths of the G family. I have known them since I was 14 and Jana was my small group leader in youth group. Talk about history and knowing my skeletons! She's one of the few people who has seen my highs and lows, failures and victories, flaws and growth. She could ruin me in one second. Haha. 
This woman is one of the most beautiful women I know - inside and out and she radiates joy, laughter, and fun. When I'm having a crappy day she is who I know to call! 
And her boys - handsome as ever and such a hoot! Her Bazz is my Emma's future man, seriously. 



Isn't she gorgeous?

Henry snuggles miss Clara:

Thank you guys for letting me have fun capturing these pictures! I love you! 

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