Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tellings

Personal confessions of a stay-at-home-mother:
- The television was on too much today.
- I fed my children corn dogs for lunch because I didn't know what else to make.
- I am in desperate need of a shower but was too busy picking up, doing dishes, and editing to take one. Thankfully, my husband thinks I'm sexy still. 
- My house is a mess. Yep, a big fat ugly mess. 
- I have fallen into a habit of threatening instead of acting when it comes to discipline and first-time obedience. 
- We surely went through all our character traits today and had a great Bible Time ... not. 
- There's red kool-aid on the bottom of my fridge that I was too frustrated to clean up ... and still haven't. 
- I desperately need motivation to T-Tapp because I actually slept through my children AND my alarm this morning! 

Motherhood surely is NOT pretty. Praise God He walks with me through each day otherwise I'd be more thoroughly stressed than I already am, lol. 

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