Monday, May 07, 2007

"Life is full of ugly tea stains that splash against white washed walls. Reality often seems to be more obstacle than opportunity, more pain than pleasure, more chaos than calm, more hurt than happiness, more tension than tenderness. ... I must believe that as God's woman, God is using everything in my life to make me more like Himself.
Together, He and I can take the tea stains in my life and make something out of them. We can take the tensions and be tender, take the hurts and be content, take the obstacles and build opportunity. That is what God offers me from life.
And when God says that's what He can do for me, only my unbelief keeps me from experiencing it. If the Christian life is worth living, then God is worth believing. And if I believe God, there is no end to the possibilities."
*Ruth Senter*

"Self-sacrifice is against our human nature, yet it should be part of our 'new nature.' If each of us had an attitude of self-sacrifice, what a change would come about in the atmosphere of our homes. Self-sacrifice is total unselfishness.
Loving unselfishly does not mean making the least of ourselves but making the most of someone else."
*Jo Ann Lemon*

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