Monday, May 28, 2007

Please Remember

By Tess (12 yrs. old)

Remember the men and women who died
fighting for freedom on the American side.
Our nation's flag flying proud, flying high
gave our soldier's courage and told them God was standing by.
Wars are not a choice, but a necessity,
because we join to help others in need.
Although we may not like it, this is God's plan,
for He holds every battle in the palm of His hand.
Remember to keep your heart in the right place,
because this is a battle we all must face.
Pray for our soldiers in Iraq,
and ask that there would be no more attacks.
For God leads our army and our hearts too,
that's why I say today, soldiers thank you!
So, in January through December
please make sure that you remember
all the men and women who died,
while I have my freedom here.

This may offend some, but Memorial Day was created to remember those who died in battle - fighting for our country - for our freedom. It was not created for all who died period. This day is for remembering those who fought to give us this country and the freedom that we have and it should be honored as that - not made into a generic holiday where we remember everyone who ever died everywhere. I know that may sound harsh, but especially now in this day when our Military is not honored and not remembered in a good way, we SHOULD honor them on this day.
We NEED to.
So please honor our soldiers living and fallen today, and be thankful for what they gave up for you.
(It brings a close comparison to the sacrifice of our Lord doesn't it.)
I personally, am thankful for my husband and his service to this country ... he hasn't gone overseas, he hasn't faced a battle yet ... but he has served in the Marines for almost 6 years now and will continue to give himself to this country for the coming 15 years. I am so proud of his willingness to serve and his desire to protect this country and our family.

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