Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Bedrest

So, I had another doctor appointment last Friday - the 14th. My doctor checked my cervix and I had progressed to 2cm. So, she put me on Terbutaline to stop the contractions and I am continuing the Progesterone shots to stop pre-term labor. I am also on rather strict bedrest - meaning I am supposed to be mainly on my side, not sitting higher than a 45 degree angle and I can go to the bathroom and take a 10 minute shower!
I will be going back to the doctor weekly now too. She wants me to make it to 32 weeks for sure (I am 30 weeks tomorrow) and then idealy to 34 weeks. She told me the goal is to get to the middle of April and that would put me at almost 34 weeks.
We are continuing to stay with the Kapala's - bless them! We will probably end up being here until Mike is recovered from his hernia surgery or I am off bedrest - whichever comes first!

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