Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Peanut Update!

So, I just realized that I haven't updated this blog in a long, long time!
Baby Peanut is doing well. I have been on bedrest since February 29th and we stayed with Mike's parents until about 2 weeks ago. Being home with the kids by myself during the day obviously makes bedrest a little harder but it's been going really well!
This last Friday when I was checked I measured at 3+ cm dilated which was a slight change from the Tuesday before but not enough to be too worried about. It's actually kind of amazing to me because by this time with George I was already at 4 cm - and I haven't gotten there yet this time!
I did go into Labor and Delivery on Tuesday because I was having some contractions but they weren't enough to change anything so I was able to go home.
I will be 35 weeks on Wednesday and the doctor said that I could go off my Terbutaline (contraction medication) at 36 weeks. So just over a week until that which is exciting to me! MY doctor has also been doing a test called a Fetal Fibernectin Test that determines whether or not you're going to go into labor within 2 weeks. The one that I had done just over a week ago came back positive! That would put me at having the baby by this coming Friday. :) Although, when the test produces positive results it's about 50% accurate. So, we'll see!

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