Saturday, January 09, 2010

Clara Through the Camera

Today, or tomorrow, depending how calculate it, I have made it 34 weeks! This was our second of three goals. The first was 32 weeks and the third, and final, is 36 weeks. January 24.
Part of why this was such an important benchmark to hit is because of the development that is acheived by this point. She's fairly filled out by now and will continue to fill out every day. Her lungs are developed and so is her central nervous system!
It may be hard or comical to picture but I am currently doing a very happy dance with my very pregnant belly.

According to my babycenter e-mails Clara should be about 5lbs, which I believe considering the major belly I'm sporting. They compare her size to a cantaloupe which I also believe because that's about what my belly looks like! Don't worry, you'll see photographic proof in just mere moments.

So, from here we strive for 36 weeks. I cannot even believe that she could be here in 15 days. 2 weeks. Wow.

33 Weeks


Stephanie said...

I love that last one Di! Beautiful pics! I can't believe she is almost here! Seems like yesterday we were calling you fertile myrtle.

Sara K. said...

Diana -- what a beautiful pregnant mama you are! Is the baby still baking, or have you welcomed her into the world now?

Diana said...

Thank you Sara! She is baking at the moment but we are getting closer to welcoming her!