Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Do You Do?

I am participating in something a friend of mine started. A series called "What Do You Do?" She is posting on her blog and will choose a topic and post her thoughts on it and then those who want participate and share what they do on that subject.

This is the first one!

What Do You Do: Children's Bibles, Family Devotions, and Such 
From N's blog :

Does anyone have any thoughts on these titles? What Bible storybooks do/did you use with your kids? What is your routine for reading them to your kids? Do you have a “family devotions” time in your house? If so, what does that look like? WHAT DO YOU DO?

We do not use any of the titles that N mentioned in her blog: The Beginner's Bible, The Big Picture Story Bible, or The Jesus Storybook Bible.
Quite simply we use the Bibles that we have gotten as gifts because I'm too cheap to go spend money on a new one!

We started with this Bible:

It was a little too "advanced" for my liking at the time. Emma was only 2 and George was only 1 and it took things quite a bit over their heads. Although, I do think we're getting close to being ready to use it again.

So, the Bible we currently us is this one:

I like it because the stories are short and pretty simple so that George is able to pay attention. It also has questions at the end that are good for Emma (she's almost 4) and help her to be able to go over things again and therefore take in more from the reading. The only thing that I don't like as much is that sometimes it's VERY simple. Too simple. So, I add in details that I feel my children are ready for or that I feel they can comprehend and don't need omitted.

To be honest, which I hate to be at the moment, our routine is totally off right now. Especially with Bible Time. Ugh. I had JUST started a new, what I felt was an awesome, routine when I got put on modified bedrest because I had dilated.
So, to answer the question of what is our routine for Bible reading here's what I was doing and what I hope to get back to very, very soon:
At 10:30 Emma and George start Blanket Time and play on their blankets for 30-40 minutes.
At 11:00 or 11:10 (depending on how my morning is going) we start Bible Time. Bible Time takes place during Blanket Time. This is very helpful because it keeps them contained to one place and allows them to focus better.
We start by reading a story from our Bible - the second one mentioned above. We go in order - meaning we started at the beginning and each day we read the next story. I go through the story twice usually because they're short and then I go through the questions with Emma to make sure she gets the details. :o)
Then we go through our Character Quality of the week. We have a quality with a definition and verse to go with it. Then we talk about how we apply that quality and what it means and then we usually sing a couple songs that correlate.

Our new routine also included reading from Psalms in the evening before the kids went to bed, though we haven't implemented it yet.

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Stephanie said...

I use the Easy Reader with my sunday school class. It is VERY simple, like you said. A lot of times, I add more to the story too. Since I am not a mom, I am more teaching a lesson when I read it, so it will be one way I tell the story to the kids. The stories are very limited though. There is no story for baptisim of Jesus or the birth of John the baptist. :-( I find they don't have the story I need a lot. I guess it is hard to make a thin children's bible and add everything.

What is blanket time? When I nanny, Skye (2), takes a nap and has quiet time if she wakes up early. I like this idea of calming into nap time.

Sean (my s.o.) and I started to read together every night of advent, but then his holiday job took the best of him and he never made it through the second sentence. I started school back and a list of excuses, but I use to get up and read for thirty minutes and do the same at night different daily reading books. I will try and continue that since it has only been two weeks I haven't.