Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Beautiful Birthday

I am more than pleased to announce that we have a brand new beautiful member of our family! 
Clara Faith arrived February 22, 2010 at 02:45. 
She bounced out weighing 6lbs 15oz and was 19" long. 

The contractions started right around midnight of what would technically be Monday morning. Of course, thinking that this was just another fake out on Clara's part I tried to go back to sleep. I quickly realized she wasn't teasing this time, she meant business. 
By 00:35 she was, quite literally, a huge pain in my back and I figured I better wake the husband before she decided to make her grand appearance right there at my in-laws house. 
We left for the hospital by 00:45 and on the way Clara decided to take my breath away. The little beauty. 

Mike dropped me off at the entrance to the hospital around 01:00 and I slowly, grudgingly made my way up to the 6th floor to labor and delivery. Why they put labor and delivery all the way up on the 6th floor is seriously beyond me.
By this time that tiny girl had me bent over and breathing heavily. She also had me quite weak at the knees because she was stealing all my fluids.
By 01:30 they had me in a room and checked me and I was 5-6cm. Around 01:45 I was pushed to the edge and ended up asking for an epidural, after previously banking on a drug-free birth. I can see this girl is going to push my boundaries.
At 02:10 I was 8cm but I allowed them to do the procedure anyways, knowing that it may not kick in. A true example of the delusionalness that labor creates. "Sure, poke a giant needle in my spine when there's only a minuscule chance that the medicine it contains may take effect before my child is actually making her way out."
By 02:30 I was 10cm, fully effaced and that peanut was telling me she was ready to see the world. 
2 pushes and 15 minutes later she graced us with her presence, rather quietly, at 02:45.
She is absolutely perfect. 
I would prove it with photographs but sadly my computer was wiped last week and I'm still in the process of re-installing all my programs. 
But never fear, I will have photographic proof of her perfection very, very soon!

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Sara K. said...

Congratulations!! Welcome, baby Clara. And how awesome that you made it to full term! Yay God! I look forward to seeing the pictures. :)