Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blogging Break

I know that I haven't blogged in a while as it is, but it's gotten even harder since for the last week and a half we've been at my in-laws home. Just harder because I don't have any of my binders with my thoughts on mothering or on character traits - so I can't blog about those, and I don't have MY computer which has all my photos on it - so I can't even do a photo blog at the time being.
And harder because I am now 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant (who knew!) and am too tired to even try doing more than is necessary right now!

So, I'm taking a blogging break for the time being. If we get back home and miss Clara still hasn't made her grand appearance I may try catching up a little but otherwise I won't be back to blogging until after she's arrived and we've settled back into life!

I do want to comment on today though - because 3 years ago today - at this time - I was in labor with our George! He made his debut at 3:34pm on this day, 3 years ago. I cannot believe he is 3. Where did those years go? And even more shaking - did I use them wisely with him and his training?! Because 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 are CRITICAL training ages and I don't know if I used that time wisely with my George.
But, I praise God for him! He is an amazing, wonderful, sweet, tender, strong, silly, car-loving little man that I adore.

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