Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This is going to be my first attempt at the hilarity that is "Not Me Monday." I do not claim to be very witty with words, but hope to at least amuse myself as I think of things this last week that were definitely not me.

I have not been incredibly stressed the last two weeks due to my husband working 12 hour days, 7 days a week and being put on modified bedrest where I am only supposed to eat, pee, and shower. I have also not been completely frustrated with the fact that my children have decided to boycott naptime.I awake with joy and cheerfulness every single morning and keep that throughout the entire day.

If the above were in fact true of me I definitely would not get Caribou and eat S'more cake twice in one day, once being for dinner, just to calm my emotions. No way, not me!

I also would not DVR three Disney movies off of ABC Family for the sole purpose of having something to occupy my wonderful, well-rested, beautifully behaved children in the evenings while we wait for daddy to get home, so that I can "rest." 

And there is no way that I would let the stress of the last two weeks dictate me so much as to stop having Bible Time with the children and instead just lay on the couch while they do Blanket Time. I would never do that! No way! We always make sure to maintain our routine, even when stressed. 

Finally, I would never feed the children leftovers 3 nights in a row and make George a separate meal of pancakes just so that they would all eat peacefully. I would never do something like that! Our meals are always well planned and executed beautifully. And my children always eat peacefully.

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Stephanie said...

Really love the honesty... beautifully written