Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mothering Moments: Why Not Timeouts?

So, I know that many, many people today use timeouts as their primary disciplinary action, but we do not. There's been questions posed as to why we don't use timeouts, so I thought I would answer that question quickly today.
Plus, being forced to sit more than normal forces you to find ways to occupy your time. I can only sleep so much in one day!

No Timeouts
Basically, it comes down to a pretty simple concept. When your child disobeys, acts out, talks back, or does something else to make your innards cringe repeatedly and you place them in a timeout, separating them from yourself, you are communicating that if they displease you they cannot stay in your presence. Saying that, "if your actions are not appropriate then you cannot be in my presence."
Basically telling them that they have to perform a certain way to stay in your presence.

We feel like that is a poor representation of God because God does not deal with us that way when we disobey Him. He does not remove us from His presence until we finally get it right, He gives us consequences but continues to love us and allows us to remain in His presence despite our disobedient actions.

So, we choose to discipline differently!


Elizabeth said...

I agree! We have done timeouts because sometimes I dont have the slightest clue what else to do, but I think its time to buckle down and tomato stake :) Thank you for explaining why not!

Diana said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Do you have a blog? I can't pull up your profile.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry, its Beth, from all over the internet. haha, no blog though. Just really liked this post :)

Apparently under my email I have my name set as Elizabeth.

Diana said...

I figured it was you! I just wondered if you had one and I was doing something wrong. :o)

Kassi said...

Wow! I LOVE your explanation! We don't do timeouts because Darin won't stay in one place for a period of time, without me standing over him which in turn puts ME in time out, and I wasn't bad! LOL. Your explanation sounds so much more wonderful!!!!!!