Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CONTINUE to Stand Fast ... an unenthusiastic ooohrah ...

We are unfortunately still waiting to hear about the job with the church. It's mainly my fault because I misunderstood what Mike told me about when they would be contacting him with the answer. I guess they told him that they would have the decision "the 3rd week of April." Which is, of course, anytime this week. I thought that Mike told me they would contacting him today, the 18th, at the latest. So, if you were one of the many that thought we would find out today - I apologize! I misunderstood and unfortunately mislead many of you.
Although I don't enjoy the, what feels like, endless wait I know that God is using it to grow me. It seems like patience with answered prayers is a continual area of growth for me. So needless to say, I feel like God is calling me to continue to stand fast and simply trust Him.

"However, whether I choose to believe it or not, if I am His child, the Truth is that 'His grace is sufficient for me.' (This is assuming, of course, that I haven't taken on myself responsibilities He never intended me to carry. If the burden is God-given, I can go on by His grace.) His grace is sufficient for every moment, every circumstance, every detail, every need, and every failure of my life.
. . .
What do you need God's grace for?"
-The Lies Women Believe-

This is my book study book and what I've been reading about this week. We have been talking about circumstances and the lies that we tend to believe about our circumstances. This chapter has come at a really good time for me. Part of me didn't want to read it because I knew that I needed to. With everything that's been going on with Mike's job situation and our house situation and the wait with the church job - I needed to read this chapter. It's been really easy for me to examine our circumstances and let them determine my mood, my attitude, and my responses. But God's been quietly showing me how I can't base the way that I think and act on our circumstances. I can feel the emotion of them but I can't act on those emotions, at least not all the time. This weekend God met me in my quiet times and gave me His unending peace. Peace with where we are going to live, even though we haven't signed a lease anywhere. Peace with Mike's job situation. And peace with the church job situation, even though we haven't gotten an answer yet. I don't feel this peace every moment or even every day ... but I know He has it waiting for me and all I have to do is take a hold of it and trust Him.

As far as the quote goes - it's what stood out to me yesterday as I was reading. That as long as I take up what God has given me, and not extra, He will continue to give me the grace to go on.

PS we've got some new pictures on the Slide - so take a look!

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