Monday, February 07, 2011

Project 52: Week 5: I Love

This week's assignment was a self-portrait. 
A self-portrait with something you love.
Something you love that is NOT another person.

I mean, I'm all about doing these assignments, so I will but at first I was slightly perturbed. 
My life is all about my God, my husband, and my children.
They are my loves. 
The delights of my life, of my day. 
So, when I think of what I love, I think of them. 

Obviously I have other things I'm passionate, outside of them, but they are my first thoughts. 
So while I was able to come up with things I love I was having a creativity block about what to do with it all. 
Thankfully, God's given me fabulous friends who talk to me and dialog with me and help get my juices going. 
Seriously, thank you Lord, for that! 

An idea was given and I took it and ran with it and what I pictured in my head was what I was going to make happen, if it killed me! 
I was on a mission this week. 
So, my poor children were dragged out (even with colds, yes, I'm *that* mom) and I made this thing possible. 

I never knew one single picture could be soooooo much work. Or so much fun! 
I won't lie, I'm kind of in love with it. 

So, here's my week 5 self-portrait:


Jennifer L said...

Wow Diana, that is really fabulous! I would love to have that photo of me for my hubby on Valentine's day!

Andrea said...

Oh my word Diana! This is so amazing, I just can't get over it! You did a GREAT job on this photo!

Uhhmanduhhh said...

Look at those legs! You look amazing, Di!

Heather said...

This is amazing! You look so great!!

Sara K. said...

Love it! Love the red lipstick (well I assume it's red, since it's so dark), your hair, and the oven-door concept! Very creative and cute!