Monday, February 28, 2011

iheartfaces: submission regret

I've been recently entering images in iheartface's weekly challenges and this week's challenge is really fun!
It's: Anything but a Face

Where normally you HAVE to have a face in every submission, this challenge you DON'T! It's anything and everything besides a face: heads, shoulders, knees, toes ... 

I immediately thought of the following image and submitted it without much thought beyond:

Then I immediately regretted it! 

Why didn't I take a second to think? 
I mean ... I adore that picture. 
It's MY kiddos' toes and it's so adorable. 

But then I thought of this one and I just thought it would have been so much fun:

Look at that hair! Who wouldn't LOVE that hair? 

And then ... ohhhh, then ... 
I remembered this one of Emma:

I loved that picture of Emma. Still do. I was learning sun flare and I actually got it! 
And the emotion that her twirling and dancing evoked in me was unmatchable. 

And then I remembered my all-time favorite Emma picture. Maybe even my favorite picture to date. 
This one:

This one gets me. 
It stirs my heart. 
And I'm REALLY wishing I would have submitted that one instead. 

No regrets right?
Especially since it's just a photo challenge. 

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Lily said...

I love love love all of your photos! They are so spectacualr, no regrets.