Monday, March 07, 2011

The Shame of Fatigue & a Give-away

I subscribed to a blog called: Raising Homemakers and I love it!
Today there was a beautiful post about the shame of fatigue and the myth that we aren't allowed to be weary if we're "just" working at home.
Of course we'll be weary! 
Of course we'll get tired!
Of course we'll get discouraged and frustrated!
That is what brings us back to the cross of Christ. 
And it doesn't or shouldn't matter whether we are wearied while building at home or we're out in the work force or in school and wearied from that work. 

Why is being home diminished such?
Why is it not worthy of being viewed as noble WORK? 
It is HARD work. 

Harder than working 9-5 most days, in my, very personal opinion!

I hope to write more on this later but for now I need to mention the give-away on that blog!

and read the wonderful post about fatigue.
Then, towards the end, you'll get filled in on all the wonderful details of the book give-away:
Joyfully at Home

I'm really hoping to win this, of course, because I know that I struggle daily with my joy - inwardly and outwardly! 

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