Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Project 52: Week 8: It's a Bug's Life

Week 8 assignment: a Bug's Life:
| anything from the perspective of a bug |

I went with my first idea this week, though not executed in the way that I was originally thinking. 
I wanted a cookie. 
A huge, ginormous cookie. 
With a bite out of it and crumbs along the floor. 

I also wanted you to be able to see a titch of the floor and at least part of the chair leg. 
You know, like the cookie got set down and forgotten about. 
Why you would ever forget about a cookie, I really don't know, but go with me here, it was what I had in my head. 

I was also stuck on this idea that it should be mostly the cookie in view because, well, if you're a teeny tiny bug, then your focus would be this "giant" cookie! 
It would be all you saw. 

Here were my top contenders for images:

1. You see the cookie as the main goal but the middle crumbs are in focus most.

2. Crumbs are in focus. I'm lookin' at those tasty crumb morsels.

3. Eye on the prize! I'm gettin' that cookie if it's the last thing I do!

4. Up close and personal with those crumbies. This was the runner up. 

5. Actual submission!
The only thing I really regret is the processing. I wish I would have edited it differently. 


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