Friday, March 11, 2011

I live for little moments ... like this ...

I've had this blog post in my head since Wednesday but sickness hit us and I have been washing sheets and blankets non-stop since Tuesday morning. 
It is now Friday morning and I put load 11 in the washer an hour ago. 
I still have 3 to go ... 

So, I'm taking a break while the children do room time and blanket time to work on some pictures and get this blog out of my head and into cyber space. 

Wednesday was a great day. 
The funny thing?
There was nothing at all spectacular about it, it was just ... normal.
Clara cut a tooth, threw up because of it, so I washed all her bedding. 
Then during her morning nap she had diarrhea that leaked and I had to wash all her bedding again. 
This in addition to the 3 washes from Tuesday!
She got 2 baths and was all the rage in her penguin towel - blowing bubbles and toddling around. 
Because she toddles now. 
She's not a baby. She's a toddler. 
Which I will never utter aloud. I will forever be in denial. 

Emma and I made 2 loaves of bread (sweet bread and English muffin bread) but for a good part of the time she just watched over the other 3 - playing but also helping and I loved it.

And when she was helping me with the bread, the boys were being adorable! They were playing really well together and recreating Toy Story with their Buzz and Woody toys. 

My children often rock the "no-pants" look, in case you were wondering. 

For whatever reason I just loved it. I felt refreshed and encouraged and thankful. So very thankful. 

And Clara ... she just warms my heart. 
Her little toddle is adorable and her little butt that sticks out - especially when she's wearing cloth. 
And she got new jammies that just make her that much MORE adorable! 

See that butt? See what I mean? 

She's rocking John Deere jammies AND holding a tractor. Daddy is SO proud. 
Maybe she'll marry a farmer. 
Kassi, is Callen going to be a farmer? Lol. 

Oh, I can't handle the cuteness any more. 

* * * 

Then later tonight when I was finishing the dinner dishes Emma was making coffee for everyone (pretend of course) and gave me a cup and Wyatt a cup. 

Wyatt looked up at me and says, "I can drink da coffee mama?" And while it seems so litte, I think it's incredibly adorable and fruitful that he actually ASKED me for permission to drink the coffee. 
So many times their little wills (especially that 2-3 year time when they push as hard as they can) just rear and they don't seem to care what you think or what you want them to do. 

Why does that even matter?
The truth? It matters far more than we like to think. 
It shows submission to authority.
It shows that he is under my authority and at that moment he was content and happy to be under my authority. 
And if I want to make ANY difference in his heart and his life, he HAS to be under my authority. 
Not being under authority breeds selfishness, rebellion, discontent, and hard-heartedness. 
In that moment, he was cheerfully submissive to my authority. 
If I want to hold his heart, I have to be his authority. 
He has to know that he answers to me, that I answer to Daddy, and that Daddy answers to Christ. 
Build this in your children and you will win.
What a wonderful thing to see in my nearly 3 year old! 

THAT is why it so blessed my heart to hear him ask for permission. 

So, despite the insane amount of laundry I have been doing, I know I am blessed. 
While I may have lost sight of that a bit last night, 
I am daily reminded that 
God is good 
I AM blessed. 

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Kassi said...

Mmmm. Who knows about the farming thing.....

I do know he'll be harvesting souls for Christ, so that totally counts right?