Monday, March 28, 2011

So this is life ...

da de da daaaaaa
(m hmm m hmmm)

It is what runs through my head as I take in the scene around me:
The water running in the sink, washing out a jar;
a piece of French toast cooking on the stove, with 3 more on the plate;
2 tuna sandwiches on one counter;
4 sippy cups lined up on the other counter;

I fill 3 and go to put the lemonade away only to realize that I still need that lemonade for the 4th, so I prop the fridge door open with my foot, grab the lemonade, fill that last cup, and then throw it back into the fridge.
I laugh at myself and hum.

"so this is liiiiiiiiiiiiiife"
to the tune of that Cinderella song.
I don't even know why that is the song running through my mind,
I haven't heard it in years upon years.

Bread crust in the shape of a "u"

"so this is liiiiiiiiiiife"

letter trains made out of magnets across my bedroom floor
da de da daaaaaaaa
(mm hm mm hmmmmm)

Little toes and fingers that excitedly point to the letters,
proudly proclaiming,
"E, O, R, T, A!"
none of which is correct
"so thiiiiiiiis is liiiiiiiiiiiife"

And isn't this life grand?

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