Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lost in Loneliness

Standing on the brink of a rust colored abyss seeing above you a vast expanse of blue, below you straight rust walls that drop parallel, sharply crashing into one another miles beneath. 

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You hear rippling in your ear as the warm water washes over your body. 
Your hair swishes back and forth and the smell of salt tickles your nose. 
You are caught up, the boundless sea surrounds you and engulfs you in its emptiness. 

Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.

Your hair gets whipped by the crisp wind as your cheeks blush a soft shade of rose. 
You look out ahead of you and breathe in the essence of leaves, they've left their aroma all around. 
The snow laced road reaches out before you. 
Long. Winding. Desolate. 

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When life wraps you up in an empty hold, void of energy, of warmth, of breath, 
of life.

I find it hard to catch my breath. 
Hard to look beyond myself. 

My voice is booming within me but nothing resounds on the outside. 

I know this isn't the truth

I know His words pierce this place I've found myself in. 

But I can't see His light. 

I reach. 
I dig. 
I claw. 
I strain.

He whispers ... 
I am with you


I never leave


I never forsake


Come to Me


You are My treasured possession


I breathe. 
I listen.
I inhale His presence.
He fills me. 

And I pray,
Lord, meet me here tomorrow ... please. 

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Megan Murphy said...

Goodness. Thank you for sharing. Truly, that touched my soul and became my devotion this morning.