Sunday, April 03, 2011

Project 52: Week 12: Up Close & Personal

With everyday life. 
The assignment:
take a picture of something you use/do/see everyday in a unique or different way

I had two ideas and because of the craziness of our life and 3 weeks of stomach viruses it was a quick snap with not a lot of creativity. 
Idea 1: washing machine because it's as exhausted as I am! 
Idea 2: crochet hook as I have been learning. 

Idea 1: actual submission: washing machine

Idea 2: crochet hook:

I know this is waaaaaaay late ... but I submitted it on time, lol! 
If you're wondering where week 11 is ... it's on my photography blog because that was better suited to the images from that week.
You can check it out HERE.

Stay tuned because this last week's assignment involved a suit, a formal gown, and a family restroom. 

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