Sunday, January 09, 2011

Project 52: Week 1: I Cling

I've taken the plunge. The plunge into a Project 52 organized by Sandi Bradshaw of Sandi Bradshaw Photography. Every week for 52 weeks, you take a picture and then submit them to her. She posts them in a special album on Facebook and each week chooses her favorite. I have low aims for being among the really gifted, talented photographers and being chosen as a favorite but I have high hopes and aims for growing! Sandi started this project to help stretch other photographers and I want to stretch. 
Stretching is uncomfortable, sometimes even painful. But necessary. Necessary if you want to grow! Sandi is going to be doing assignments that are often self-portraits, at least one each month and that scares me. 

This week the first assignment was a self-portrait. The theme that kept popping up for me was "I Cling." 
I cling to my God.
I cling to His words.
I cling to Him alone. 
And He brings joys... 

(actual submission)

If I don't have His truth, His words, I have nothing. Nothing of importance. So I cling to Him and He sustains me. 


Andrea said...

I LOVE this, Di! It's so inspiring!

Young Love said...

These are amazing Di! It is very inspiring.

Heather said...

Gorgeous!! You take such great photos :)

Pam said...

beautiful Di.....all of them!

A Little Bit of Me said...

Your hair is getting So long Diana!! Ps. you look GREAT!