Friday, January 28, 2011

Five on Friday: Life With Super Wy

The Wyatt Saga: Part I
Oh, today. 
I failed you. 
Today was messy. Literally. 

So, we're going to go through today with five images ... Wyatt style. 

1. I opened Wyatt's door this morning and was blasted with a very pungent smell. And then, then I saw his bare butt run across the room to his bed. 
His BARE butt. 
He decided this morning he wanted to finger paint. With poop. 
Poo on the blinds. Poo on the dollhouse. Poo on the carpet. Poooooo.
Bath #1.
And I found this on the floor:

2. Unfortunately I didn't get to cleaning the spots right away (oh darn), because children were hungry and thirsty and needed clean diapers and clothes that aren't PJ's.
Eventually I did get around to spraying the spot down with carpet cleaner because I got a fabulous new carpet cleaner for Christmas! Absentmindedly, I left the spray bottle of cleaner on the floor in Wy's room next to the actual carpet cleaner itself.
I went downstairs to attend to the other children and forgot about the cleaner.
We all ventured upstairs later and there was much carousing and playing and a wee bit later Emma came to me and asked, "Mom, why is Clara's hair all wet?" 
Because her brother sprayed her head with carpet cleaner. And then proceeded to spray a bunch on his own head! No eyes were injured in the process but their hair had a nice fragrance to it. 
Bath #2. (#1 for Clara)
Before it was over the 2 oz line, now it's below the 1.5 line:

3. Take a break for nap time. Whew. (Where I sandwiched in an engagement session and dropping off a meal to a mama who just had a babe.)
Well afterward, I guess the boy was extremely thirsty because while I was upstairs getting Clara and attending to the laundry Wyatt decided to help himself to something to drink. 
Some red Kool-aid. 
Yes, RED. 
He retrieved it himself from the fridge and proceeded to take off the lid. 
I think it was about 1/2 full in the fridge. 
 He was left with some nice red hands, red feet, and red streaks down his chest.
And he left me a really nice pool on the kitchen floor - one that also splashed onto the stove and the cupboards and the fridge ... and under the fridge (which I could not move as hard as I tried).  
We cleaned up the kool-aid and made our way upstairs to throw the towels (2 full size bath towels) and his soaked clothes into the washing machine. 
While I did that he decided he was still thirsty. Of course that's because all the kool-aid ended up on the floor and not in his mouth! His aim was a little off. 
He found my Caribou cup on the bathroom counter, I found it on the floor. 
The red streaks were now mixed with brown ones. 
Bath #3. 

4. The crazy man who is on bath #3 of the day:

5. And because of the events of the day ... and evening ... it was bed time at 7:45 and I decided I was going to end my night with a drink. :) 
I do not condone drunkenness or excessive drinking (obviously) but every once in a while, it's goooooood to have a drink. 
And this, this is my FAV for liquor. Kilo Kai: Spiced Rum. 
What? You've never heard of Kilo Kai? 
Neither had I a few months ago. But it is a wonderful, fabulously tasty drink. Perfect with coke or Dr. Pepper! 
Go on, try it. 
You know you want to! 

Days like today remind me why it's good to laugh - even when I don't want to, even when I feel like crying. Just laugh. 
God wants me to laugh. 
He gave me Wyatt (I truly believe) to keep me on my toes, to keep me laughing, and to remind me that I need HIM. 
Every single day. 
So, I praise God for red streaked bellies, matted hair, washing machines, carpet cleaners, bath tubs, and rum. And for coffee tomorrow morning. 

That was my Friday. 
What was your Friday like?! 


Kristina Werner said...

It seems as though we always have REALLY bad days on the same day. Luckily, the poop I had to clean up was only on a small portion of the carpet and the rest remained on the child (on the back and down the leg, but nothing like you had to clean up!). What is it with 3rd born children? lol I was told when I was pregnant so many times "oh, my third born was the easiest, laid back kid." And with a 1 and 2 year old, I'm thinking "that's wonderful! I really need a quiet one" Yeah, not so. Enye has gotten into so many things and sounds very much like Wy in many ways. Only, she usually chooses food, soap, toothpaste or mouthwash instead of fabric softener or poop! I hopped in the shower and found Alaiya covered in toothpaste the other day! She can climb in or out of just about anything and I have NEVER come across a child that can literally walk from one destruction to the next. I'll try and remember to pray for you when I'm having a bad day cause I'm guessing you might be as well! Hope your night calmed down! If Dave wasn't at work I would definitaly be sitting down with a drink or two as well! All I can say is "praise God all four are asleep!" right?!

The Wifey said...

Oh yes Kristina! God knew we could pray for each other, lol. :)
I laughed because everyone I know with 3 or more always said that their third was a spit-fire!
You can just see it in their little eyes - that fire.
I should show you my shaving cream pictures - you'd get a kick out of them!

I will remember to pray for you when we have these days too, at least then we know we have someone praying for us in the tough moments. And I'll toast to you and hope you get a restful night - drink or no drink! :)
And yes, praise God they are ALL sleeping!

Emmers said...

you. are. super. mom.

i heart you. and God does too ;-)

But seriously, I probably would have run screaming out of the house. Multiple times!

Sara K. said...

Oh my goodness! Someone else understands my world! :) My 3-year-old son is in the "busy" stage... he's kind of non-stop. His big fascination right now is the soap dispenser. Anytime it's quiet, I'm leery of what he's getting into!

What a crazy day you had, though -- sounds like you managed to get through it with your sanity still intact! A little glass of vino (or Kilo Kai in your case) helps chase away the craziness of the day. :)

I would like to know what kind of "fabulous new carpet cleaner" you are using... sounds non-toxic...?

Bethanie Eve Dunseith said...

Do you feel that by taking the time to take pictures of the messes that it helps you to keep your cool?? I tend to lose my temper when I find messes and I end up feeling horrible later. I mean really, what is a mess in the long run of things?? At least we have been blessed with these beautiful little kids to make these messes! Great post Di!

The Wifey said...

Bethanie - YES. If I find the mess but pause and think, "Oh I should take a picture of this." I usually stay a LOT more calm.
Often there is some sort of reaction right at the beginning but it does help. :)
And it helps me laugh about it all that much more quickly!