Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Ramblings on a Monotonous Monday

- Ever wonder about how interesting it is that while most men are chastised for cheating on their wives, seldom is the wife chastised for cheating on her husband, even though the percentages are pretty close?
It's still adultery no matter which spouse it is ... and God's grace covers both. 

- I believe in absolute truths and I believe in a righteous God. 

- I love, adore, cherish, relish, and delight in the snuggles I get from my babies. Especially this morning - Clara sat in my lap for a good twenty minutes and just snuggled me. It is rare that I have that many moments to stroke her cheek, play with her tiny ears, and pray over her every limb. 

- I fail every single day as a mom and it stinks. 

- I have a God that bridges the gap between my failings and His perfection and I will never fully understand the grace He gives. 

- Coffee is the only reason I open my eyes some days. 

- I find it very interesting that some people don't believe being "just a mother" is a worthy use of my life. Whose life will you ever shape more than your child's? 
Whose life do you have more impact over than your child's? 
I believe there are many other callings besides being a mother, but if you ARE a mother you are called to raise your children. 
What does it do for you to disparage motherhood?

- I love polka dots. 

Annnd a random image from our day last week (inspired by my good friend Jenna)
This is my life:

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